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Dental sedation and anxiety management

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Conquer your fear

You know that dental care is essential to having a healthy smile and you are tired of living with teeth that you are ashamed to let others see.

Even so, you struggle to quell the anxiety that wells up every time you think about setting foot in a dental clinic.

At Lotus Dental Clinic, we understand exactly how you feel. We are a team of dental professionals, yes, but we are also a team of human beings who have overcome many of the same fears you face. 

Not only do we bring years of expertise and a gentle touch to our dentistry, but we also infuse everything we do with empathy. You will never feel judged or rushed when you entrust us with your dental care.
Instead, we take the time to listen to your concerns and to answer all of your questions so that you can feel completely at ease in our practice.

We also offer some practical solutions for soothing dental anxiety that can help you to feel more calm in the dental chair.

For your comfort

Pain-free local anaesthesia

A numbing injection can help you have vital dental treatment without the discomfort, but getting the injection itself can be a nerve-wracking experience. We make this part a breeze by offering pain-free injections with ‘The Wand’ system and a unique vibrating device that helps the anaesthetic go in without a pinch.

Digital scanning technology

We use intraoral digital scanners to take records of your teeth and plan your treatment. These devices are highly accurate and non-invasive. Most importantly, they eliminate the need for taking messy and uncomfortable dental impressions.

Digital x-rays

The days of holding uncomfortable dental film in your mouth are long gone. Digital X-rays are fast and require much less radiation exposure.

An elegant yet warm environment

We have designed our practice to reflect our high standards in creating sophisticated smiles while communicating a sense of warmth, relaxation and oneness with nature.

I was recommended to Dr Frankl by a friend and I wasn't disappointed. Dr Frankl and his team are friendly, helpful and professional. I was greeted by the receptionist with a warm smile and was made to feel less nervous as I am a nervous patient. I now bring my children to the practice and have recommended family and friends.

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Dental sedation options at Lotus Clinic

You know that dental care is essential to having a healthy smile and you are tired of living with teeth that you are ashamed to let others see.

What to expect

Everyone responds differently to oral sedation, and our experienced doctors will prescribe a custom dose to ensure you have a safe and restful appointment. The medication will take effect around30 to 60 minutes after consumption.  

Oral sedation will help to dull your gag reflex, reduce discomfort during treatment and soothe your dental anxiety. You will feel drowsy and may even fall asleep, but the medication will not make you unconscious. Instead, your appointment will pass by quickly and painlessly. 

We will advise you to bring a trusted companion with you when you visit us. This responsible individual will see you to and from your appointment to ensure that you get back home safely, as the effects of oral sedation can last for a few hours after your treatment.

Oral sedation

A small dose of medication can ease your anxiety, enabling you to get the most out of your treatment.

At Lotus Dental Clinic, your dentist can prescribe a mild sedative for you to take prior to your dental treatment. Although oral sedation will help you feel more relaxed in the dental chair, we will also administer some local anaesthesia at the site of treatment to further reduce your discomfort.

IV dental sedation

We can also administer mild dental sedation via IV to help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation and calm during your treatment.

This type of sedation keeps you suspended in that ‘twilight’ state between being awake and being asleep. It lowers your sensitivity to pain, eases anxiety and makes the time fly by.

What to expect

Intravenous dental sedation will not render you unconscious. You will still be alert enough to respond to questions and instructions from the dentist during your treatment. However, it has a mild amnesiac effect which means that your memory of the appointment will be a little foggy. It will feel as though you have just ‘woken up’ from a nap even though you were never really asleep.

You will need to have a trusted friend or family member accompany you home after your dental sedation appointment as you will be too sleepy and your judgement may be impaired. The effects of this kind of dental sedation may stay with you for several hours after your treatment.

We will provide you with detailed instructions prior to the day of your dental sedation appointment.

The Wand® STA

Comfortable local anaesthetic to banish your fear of needles.

The Wand® STA (single tooth anaesthesia)system is the most modern, high-tech and comfortable way of administering local anaesthetic directly to treatment sites. It uses patented technology to ensure the target tooth is gently and thoroughly numbed. 

Most people dread dental injections because they are afraid of the needle. The Wand, however, looks nothing like a traditional syringe. Ironically, the needle is not what makes injections uncomfortable. Rather, it is the sudden rush of anaesthetic fluid that causes the burning sensation. 

The Wand addresses that issue, as well, by digitally regulating the flow of the anaesthetic. The computer inside the device senses the type of tissue around each tooth and delivers a slow and carefully measured dose of the anaesthetic to suit each injection site.

What to expect

The Wand is a sleek and unobtrusive countertop device that looks more like a slim dental scanner than an injection system. The pen-like syringe is connected to the digital system which regulates the flow of the anaesthetic solution. 

Your Lotus Dental Clinic dentist will gently aim The Wand at the area in need of anaesthesia and utilise the digital feedback to deliver an optimal dose exactly where it is needed. You will not feel a burn as you would with a normal injection. In fact, this system works so smoothly that you probably will not feel anything, at all. 

Many patients who have tried The Wand remark that they did not even notice the dentist gave the injection. 

The anaesthetic will take effect within just a few minutes, and your treatment will proceed as usual. 

The benefits of using The Wand system include:

  • No traditional anaesthetic syringes in sight
  • No burning sensation on anaesthetic administration
  • Quickly resume your normal daily routine after dental treatment
  • Localised numbness instead of numbness in large areas of your face
  • A more pleasant and relaxed dental treatment experience, overall

We are pleased to offer The Wand system to enhance your comfort during treatment. If you have questions about this revolutionary device, call us to learn more before scheduling your treatment.

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