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£500 off smile makeovers & veneers

Available on full sets of veneers

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It didn’t even feel like a dental office, because I hate dentists! It was really an amazing experience. Everywere I go people think my teeth are natural, but they are my veneers!

the only way is essex

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What is a smile makeover?

Just as a home makeover breathes new life into your house, a smile makeover can transform your appearance and make you feel like an entirely new person.

Your smile makeover will be a personalised treatment plan consisting of the cosmetic dental treatments you need to reach your smile goals.

Whether you just want to brighten your teeth a few shades or need dozens of dental veneers, a makeover can take years off your smile, making you look youthful and rejuvenated.

Here at Lotus Dental Clinic, you may enjoy pairing your cosmetic dental treatment with one or more of our other face and body beauty treatments for the ultimate makeover.

What problems can a smile makeover treat?

  • Unsightly tooth gaps
  • Stained or discoloured teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Uneven teeth

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Smile makeover - 10 upper veneers completed  in 2 weeks

Smile makeover treatments

Veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments.

These restorations are thin shells of porcelain placed on the outer surface of front teeth. They replace the outermost layer of enamel to give teeth a brighter and more even appearance.

Porcelain veneers may create a ‘false front’ for your smile, but the resulting look is extremely lifelike. No one will be able to tell that the veneers are not your natural teeth. You can hide gaps, chips, stains and other imperfections by getting just a few dental veneers.

Lumineers™ is a name brand of no-prep porcelain veneers.

‘No-prep’ means that your teeth will not need to be extensively prepared for Lumineers™ as they would need to be for traditional veneers. Lumineers™ are so thin that they can be placed directly on top of your existing tooth enamel.

Dental crowns and bridges are very durable restorations which both strengthen and beautify your teeth.

Crowns cover teeth that are weak, damaged or unsightly. Bridges are combination restorations consisting of a false tooth suspended between two dental crowns. A crown may be the ideal treatment when you need to repair a tooth, but a bridge is the restoration to consider for replacing a missing tooth.

The crowns and bridges at Lotus Dental Clinic are made of ceramic and can be digitally designed, crafted on site and placed in one appointment, avoiding the need for temporary restorations.

Turn back the clock on your smile by dissolving years of stain and discolouration from your teeth with professional teeth whitening.

Professional treatments are safe and effective and can make your smile noticeably brighter and younger-looking. It may be best to bleach your teeth as the first step in your smile makeover so that the rest of your restorations can be coloured to match your new tooth shade.

Dental bonding is a quick dental treatment, but it is deceptive in its simplicity.

Bonding is a conservative and simple process in which the dentist subtly builds up and smoothes your teeth with composite dental resin. The result is a stunning aesthetic finish. Bonding blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth and masks imperfections like gaps, chips, rough enamel and discoloured spots.

Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners may also be a part of your smile makeover treatment plan.

We offer both Invisalign® aligners and our own in-house custom-designed clear aligners called Lotus Smiles. Cosmetic teeth straightening is an excellent way to lay a healthy foundation for the rest of your smile-enhancement.

Why choose Lotus Clinic for your smile makeover

We give you the perfect smile makeover experience here at Lotus Clinic by paying attention to the smallest details of your care and offering every possible convenience.

Remote video consultations

Would you like to learn more about our smile makeover treatments before visiting us for an in-office consultation? We can arrange a video chat upon request.

Free initial consultations

We do not charge you to find out what it will take to achieve your ideal smile. At Lotus Clinic, we want to empower you with knowledge about your options so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment. 

‘The Wand’ injection system

This pain-free anaesthesia system allows us to administer tooth-numbing medication so smoothly that you will hardly feel a thing.

Advanced technology

3D imaging and computer-generated smile simulations enable us to give you a preview of the results of your treatment. We have advanced digital X-ray technology conveniently located on site so that you will not have to go elsewhere to get those essential X-ray images

Affordable payment plans

Your smile makeover is affordable with one of the flexible bespoke financing plans we offer here at Lotus Clinic. We offer 0% interest financing on some plans, and we can even set you up with a payment plan of up to five years

Dental sedation

We offer on-site, mild dental sedation to make your treatment experience quick and comfortable

At Lotus Dental Clinic, we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful

That's why we make treatment affordable

Free consultation and x-rays

Everything you need to help you start planning your new smile


0% interest, no deposit

12-month payment plans and in-house financing to make your treatment affordable

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Your voice matters to us

Reviews from our patients prove our commitment to providing the highest standard of care and motivate us to continue striving for excellence.

I wanted to get my teeth aligned and to close my gap with Invisalign, and I’m so happy I chose this clinic. Previously I visited a couple of Dental clinics before I came here and I’m glad I chose The Lotus Clinic.

The staff is very warm and friendly, especially Dayna was very helpful when I wanted to book appointments over the phone or if I had any questions to be answered. Most importantly, I chose this place because of Dr Frankl, I’m so happy I chose him to work on my teeth. Throughout my treatment he was very dedicated, patient and he did a FANTASTIC job!!! Which I really appreciate. Also, he would never hesitate to see me if I had any issue with my trays in between my treatment. Thank you very much...😊

Carol Wright

Smile makeover

Meet your new smile design team

Why is Lotus Clinic in Golders Green your ultimate resource for dental and aesthetic solutions?

  • We have over 25 years of experience in dental and cosmetic treatments

  • 11,000+ dental implants placed to date

  • A vast range of aesthetic enhancements in addition to basic dental care

  • Advanced digital technology allows you a glimpse of your future smile

  • Weekend appointments available

  • Pain-free anaesthetic injections

  • Dental sedation

  • Accessible — 3 minutes from Golders Green tube station with free on-site parking and ground floor access

  • We welcome all patients from North London including Golders Green, Hampstead, St Johns Wood and beyond

Dr MichAEL frankl
Practice Principal
Dr Emanuele Clozza
Specialist interest in Dental Implants
Dr anna kuzniar
General & Aesthetic Dentistry
Dr Fahad
Specialist interest in Dental Implants

Rejuvenate your look with a smile makeover

Fall in love with your new smile

  • Lumineers and traditional veneers for an instant smile boost

  • Treatments to fit your budget and suit your ideal

  • Flexible payment plans for cosmetic dental treatment

  • Ten veneers start at just £157 per month

  • Change anything you dislike about your teeth: colour, size, shape, alignment and spacing

Is it too late for me to get a smile makeover?

It is never too late to take steps towards a gorgeous new smile. You deserve to feel confident in your own smile, no matter what your age is. The Lotus Dental Clinic team is ready to help you look and feel your very best with our selection of affordable cosmetic dental treatments.

Is a smile makeover worth it?

A smile makeover is absolutely worth it! If something about the way your smile looks makes you feel too embarrassed to show it off, then changing your smile could literally change your life. You will discover a newfound confidence in your appearance, and this can transform the way you interact with others and present yourself.

What is included in a smile makeover?

Your smile makeover will be tailored to your unique needs and your treatment plan will include all cosmetic treatments you need to create the smile of your dreams. Your individual makeover may include procedures that range from dental bonding to teeth whitening to dental implants.

What does a smile makeover cost?

The cost of a smile makeover varies from patient to patient because each treatment plan is unique to each individual patient. After our Lotus Dental Clinic dental team helps you create your bespoke treatment plan, we will provide you with a price quote. You can get an estimate by booking a free initial consultation for a smile makeover.

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