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The technology at Lotus Dental Clinic

A modern approach and the latest technology for comprehensive dental care.

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Advanced technology for advanced outcomes

We want your treatment here at Lotus Clinic to be as fast and as comfortable as possible without compromising on quality.

Whether we are checking your teeth for cavities, performing root canal treatment or planning your smile makeover, you deserve the highest standard of care at all times.

That is why we use only the latest dental technology here in our Golders Green dental clinic.

Here are just some of the many advanced tools we have implemented into our modern dental treatment workflow.

Painless local anaesthesia injection

What it is

An automated system called ‘The Wand’ which delivers a carefully measured dose of local anaesthetic right to the area you need it. We also use another device which sends vibrations through the tissues near the injection site and prevents you from feeling the injection needle.

What this means for you

Surprisingly comfortable, fast and pain-free injections to numb your mouth before dental treatments.

Same-day (CEREC) dental restorations

What they are

Tooth-coloured and durable ceramic dental restorations milled out of solid blocks of ceramic. We can prescribe, design and place your crown in a single dental visit.

What this means for you

The chance to get a brand new dental crown in one day without having to wear a temporary crown or come back for a future appointment.

3D scanners

What they are

Three-dimensional digital dental scanners allow us to scan your teeth to design dental restorations and evaluate your tooth alignment. We use the iTero® Element™ Digital Scanner to plan Invisalign cases, and the CEREC Primescan to design dental restorations, smile makeovers and more. The Primescan captures exceptionally accurate images in just moments.

What this means for you

Detailed and highly accurate measurements of your teeth which enable us to design dental restorations with a perfect fit. Intraoral scanning technology will let you see a glimpse of what your smile may look like after having orthodontic treatment. 3D scanners eliminate the need for taking messy dental impressions.

Digital X-rays

What they are

Modern dental X-rays are captured on a digital sensor instead of traditional dental film. These X-rays do not need time to develop as they instantly show up on the computer, and they need much less radiation to capture images of your teeth and bone.

What this means for you

Low-dose radiation and instant feedback on the condition of your dental health.

Digital diagnostic imaging for tooth decay and oral cancer screening

What it is

We utilise various tools such as laser cavity detectors and scanners that can detect potentially cancerous tissue.

What this means for you

Fast, non-invasive and comprehensive assessment of your oral health with the possibility of early detection of dangerous issues.

Intraoral camera

What it is

A small camera enclosed in the head of a digital dental wand-like device lets us scan your mouth and show you in real time what we are seeing.

What this means for you

The ability to see your teeth as only a dentist would otherwise be able to see them. You can see with your own eyes the details that inform our treatment recommendations for you.

Dental diode laser

What it is

A soft tissue laser that we can use in a variety of applications including: TMJ pain treatment, gum contouring, treatment of periodontal disease, and treatment for cold sores and some kinds of bacterial infections.

What this means for you

Precise and quick soft tissue treatments with reduced healing times and no bleeding.

Combination CBCT scanner and orthopantomogram

What it is

A brief 20-second scan captures detailed images of your teeth and provides us with valuable information about the structure of your bone tissue. CBCT scans and orthopantomogram (OPG) X-rays help us plan for treatments like dental implants, braces and tooth extractions.

What this means for you

Low-dose radiation and accurate dental treatment.

3D printers

What is it

The NextDent® 3D Printer allows us to 3D print dental models and surgical guides right here in our practice.

What this means for you

Fast and accurate care because we can create custom models on site which are necessary for planning your treatment.

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