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Dental implants at Lotus Dental Clinic

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Dental implant treatment

The next best thing after natural teeth

Implants can strengthen your bite and enhance the beauty of your smile. Learn what to expect during your implant treatment experience at Lotus Dental Clinic. We have everything you need to complete your treatment from start to finish right here in our state-of-the-art practice, including an onsite CBCT scanner which captures three-dimensional images of your teeth with a very low dose of radiation.

dental implant treatment
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Teeth in a day

A full set of new teeth in one visit

Are you ready to smile and eat with confidence? Teeth in a Day is a revolutionary dental implant technique that can help you do just that. You could leave Lotus Dental Clinic with a complete set of teeth that will give you a new reason to smile. With Teeth in a Day, you will enjoy eating and laughing with a stable and natural-looking set of implant-supported teeth.

teeth in a day
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Benefits of dental implants?

A dental implant is a false tooth that replaces the root and crown of a natural tooth that has been extracted. Dental implants can fill in the empty spaces in your smile, but they also offer several other benefits.

Boost your confidence

You may not realise how much a missing tooth affected your self-esteem until the day you replace it with a dental implant. You will look younger and healthier, and this can help you to feel much more confident in your appearance and abilities.

Eat a healthier diet

When you complete your smile with dental implants, your bite will be strong enough to allow you to enjoy a varied and nutritious diet. This will have a positive effect on your overall health and wellbeing.

Speak clearly

Missing just one tooth can impact the way you speak. But even if it does not, embarrassment over your missing tooth could prevent you from speaking clearly and may even move you to avoid talking so as to not draw attention to yourself.

With a dental implant, however, you will be able to talk clearly and with confidence.

Enjoy improved oral health

Filling a gap in your smile with an implant will prevent the rest of your teeth from shifting out of place. If your teeth are in healthy alignment, your entire mouth can stay healthy.

Stay younger

The bone in your jaw will slowly disappear over time if there is not a tooth root present to stimulate it. As the bone shrinks, this will lead to the collapse of the soft tissues around an area that is missing teeth. This leads to wrinkles and gives cheeks and lips a sunken-in appearance.

Dental implants can actually help you to fight the effects of ageing by providing the bone in your jaw with the stimulation it needs to stay strong. This will prevent smile collapse and keep your smile looking young.

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