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Professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in 60 seconds

  • In-surgery and take-home bleaching treatments available
  • Instant results with in-surgery whitening
  • Professional teeth bleaching is safer than DIY methods
  • Free smile makeover consultations to discuss teeth whitening

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The basics of teeth whitening

Do you know what has caused your teeth to become discoloured?

Identifying the cause is the key to getting your teeth white again and keeping them that way.

Some common causes of teeth discolouration include:

  • Ageing
  • Smoking
  • Eating dark-coloured foods and beverages
  • Gum recession
  • Tooth decay
  • Enamel wear
  • Medication
  • Genetics

In most cases, tooth discolouration is the result of external stains that build up on the surface of the tooth enamel. These stains can be removed with an abrasive agent such as the paste used in a professional dental cleaning. If these stains stay on your teeth for too long, however, they can seep into the pores in your enamel and become intrinsic stains, discolouring your teeth from within.

This intrinsic stain cannot be removed through brushing or polishing your teeth. Instead, it can only be removed by a powerful dental bleach that penetrates the pores in your enamel.

The same is true of teeth that are yellow due to genetics or ageing; they are turning yellow from the inside and can only be lightened with a potent bleaching agent.

Professional teeth whitening treatments in Golders Green

We offer two advanced teeth whitening systems for you to choose from: Zoom! and Enlighten.

Enlighten is a professional take-home whitening system. We will design bespoke whitening trays for you, which you will use at home over the course of two weeks. This is then followed up with an in-surgery session for a final 40-minute treatment.

Enlighten guarantees that your teeth will reach shade B1 at the minimum. This shade is known in dentistry as the lightest natural tooth colour. If you wish to achieve even brighter teeth than that, we will work with you to help you attain your goal.

The in-surgery Zoom! treatment includes the use of bright light which activates the bleaching gel and helps you get dramatic and instant results. The take-home treatments work more gradually, but they give you control over the results you get. Many of our patients enjoy doing both; they have a session of professional bleaching and then take a whitening kit home to use for maintenance and touch-ups.

Teeth whitening at Lotus Dental Clinic

We follow a careful clinical protocol to ensure your comfort and safety during teeth whitening.

Here are the steps of your in-surgery teeth whitening treatment:

Check your teeth

We will first check your teeth to be certain they are suitable for whitening. We may recommend treatment or a dental cleaning before you bleach your teeth.


Protect your eyes and gum tissue

At your bleaching appointment, we will apply a protective cover to shield your gums from the bleaching gel, and protective glasses to shield your eyes.


Apply the bleaching gel and light

Next, we will apply the gel to your teeth and shine an intense whitening light on them.


Enjoy the instant results

Your teeth will be instantly brighter after 15-30 minutes under the bleaching light. The entire process takes less than an hour and the results are dramatic.

If you would like a take-home whitening kit, we will scan your teeth and design a bespoke set of bleaching trays. You will fill the upper and lower trays with the recommended amount of bleaching gel and wear them over your teeth for 30 minutes to two hours each day, depending on the whitening product and your teeth whitening goals.

Are you interested in professional teeth whitening as part of your next smile makeover? Book a free consultation today to learn more.

Commonly asked questions about teeth whitening

Is it possible to bleach dental crowns?

Bleaching your teeth will not damage your dental crowns, so it is safe to whiten your teeth even if you have dental restorations. However, the bleach will not lighten your dental crowns or fillings. Those materials are not porous and translucent as tooth enamel is so their colour does not change over time. If you want whiter crowns or fillings, then you should speak with one of our dentists to find out whether replacing them is advisable.

Does teeth bleaching cause sensitivity?

Teeth whitening is a very safe and comfortable treatment, when done properly. If you do not take proper precautions, however, it can result in some discomfort such as dental sensitivity or gum irritation. One way you can avoid experiencing sensitivity by getting is necessary dental treatment completed before starting your whitening regimen.

Do teeth whitening strips work?

Bleaching strips have very limited effect primarily because they cannot distribute the bleaching agent evenly against every surface of each tooth. You will get better results if you see a dental professional for teeth whitening treatment.

How long will my teeth stay white after bleaching them?

Your teeth may stay white for six months or six years before you need to touch them up. It all depends on how well you care for them. A professional teeth bleaching treatment is usually enough to permanently lighten your teeth by several shades, but they will become discoloured again if they are continually exposed to foods and substances that cause staining.

Why visit a professional to whiten your teeth?

There is an endless number of teeth whitening products available in stores and online. But these do not work as safely and predictably as professional whitening treatments available in a clinic like Lotus Dental Clinic.

Some of those DIY products only treat surface stains. They might contain abrasive ingredients like sodium bicarbonate or charcoal which can buff away those surface stains, but they cannot truly lighten the colour of your teeth if they do not contain a dental bleach.

Many DIY whitening products do contain a bleach such as peroxide, but there is not a sufficient concentration to significantly lighten your teeth. Some of these can even be dangerous if they are not used correctly under the supervision of a trained dental professional.

You will have the safest and most effective teeth whitening experience if you visit a dentist for a dental check-up and professional teeth whitening.

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