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Dentures in Golders Green

Dentures are reliable tooth replacements that can give you a boost in your self-esteem and help you eat a healthful diet.

But because of the normal wear-and-tear that dentures experience over the years, your false teeth will eventually need to be updated or replaced.

You deserve a denture that makes you feel like smiling again. Whether you are a long-time denture wearer or are facing the prospect of getting a denture for the first time, the Lotus Dental Clinic team is ready to help you.

We can provide you with a removable partial denture or removable full denture per your needs.

We do denture relines

At Lotus Clinic, we provide lab relines for dentures because these relines are:

  • Durable due to being fabricated under high heat and pressure
  • Stain- and break-resistant
  • Accurate for a more precise fit
  • Secure; these relines can include post dams to create a stronger seal between the upper denture and the palate

If you want to get more life out of your denture, consider getting a lab reline. Visit our practice where we can help you explore your options.

The staff is very friendly and always ready to help. The clinic is nice and clean and they are definitely following the guidelines regarding covid-19. I always feel welcomed and safe there.

Alina Chihaia

Lotus Clinic implant-retained dentures

Removable dentures with the security of implants.

Perhaps you want to wear a denture because you are worried that dental implants will be out of your price range or that the surgery will be too invasive.

You might enjoy having the best of both worlds by getting an implant-retained denture. 

Also known as a ‘clip-on’ or ‘snap-on’ denture, an implant denture allows you to wear a denture you are comfortable with, but gives it extra security and support by attaching it to tiny dental implants. 

These ‘mini implants’ are available here at Lotus Dental Clinic. After verifying your eligibility for this minimally-invasive implant procedure, we will place just two mini implants in your jaw and then place corresponding attachments on your denture. These implant anchors will help your bite to feel more stable and you will never have to worry about your denture falling out. Your clip-on denture will be secure, but you can still easily remove it for daily cleaning.

Not only are implant dentures stable, but they can also prevent the loss of bone tissue in your jaw. This is because implants, like natural tooth roots, can encourage the natural process of new bone growth. Without tooth roots in your jaw, this process ceases and your bone will shrink in height and become thin. Wearing a clip-on denture can thus play a role in helping you keep your smile looking youthful and strong for many decades. 

Benefits of an implant-retained denture: 

  • Strong bite that allows you to chew a wide variety of foods
  • Increased confidence when you smile and speak
  • Prevent bone loss in your jaw
  • No need for a denture adhesive

Schedule a consultation at our clinic to find out whether a clip-on implant denture or a classic denture is right for you.

Paying for denture treatment

Your next denture from Lotus Dental Clinic could be more affordable than you thought.

We offer convenient payment plans and financing options to all of our patients, regardless of their personal credit history. You could choose to spread your payments out over the course of 12 months with 0% interest and no deposit. If you need more time to pay for your care, you can make payments for up to five years, with some interest.

Commonly asked questions about dentures

Can I sleep with my dentures in?

Yes, it is safe to sleep while wearing dentures. It is best to avoid doing so regularly, but if you need to keep your denture in overnight for social purposes or to maintain your jaw alignment, make sure that your mouth gets a break at some other time in the day. The tissues in your mouth need a break and your denture needs the chance to be thoroughly cleaned.

Can I whiten denture teeth?

Teeth whitening is a great way to take years off your smile, but unfortunately, it will not lighten the colour of your denture teeth. Ask a dentist about safe ways to remove stains from your denture teeth for a brighter smile.

How will I know when it is time for a denture reline?

When your dentures start to feel looser than they did when you first received them, it may be time for a reline.

Why is my denture causing sores on my gums?

Sore gums are a sign of irritation; either your gums are irritated by an ill-fitting denture, or they are irritated by microbial debris. Try to get some relief by taking your denture out at night and cleaning it thoroughly every day. If you have natural teeth left, schedule regular hygiene appointments to prevent gum disease from compromising your teeth. Talk with your dentist about making adjustments to your denture so that it does not pinch or chafe your gums.

How can I get permanent teeth?

If you are tired of wearing a removable denture and want something more permanent, ask a dentist about Teeth in a Day, also known as the All-on-4 dental implant treatment. This treatment combines minimally-invasive dental implant therapy with a permanent dental bridge.

Ready for your new smile?

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I recently had a long process of dental treatment at lotus clinic. At 69 years I was wearing a full set of top dentures and a half bottom set. I desperately wanted implants. I had been to 2 clinics in the last 6 years who informed me my case was very complicated. I had teeth impacted in my top jaw and there was no bone. The cost was prohibitive. I was put off. In 2019 I tried again at a clinic in East London. Initially I was told they could treat me but then the dentist said she was not confident of doing it. She then showed Dr Clozza who worked there part time my 3D X-ray, he took over. My next appointment he removed my impacted and inserted bone where needed. I continued the rest of my treatment at Lotus Clinic. Dr Clozza was very efficient and professional. I now have the implants I thought were impossible. They look so good, I am pleased. Thank you so much, I know I was a huge challenge and you succeeded. Thanks also to your caring assistants and also the lovely receptionist you made my experience very pleasant. Bless you all.

Therese Hasi

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